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1000 Users IP PBX Aria Parth Office 1000 is an ideal choice for small to large office communication EPABX use. UP to 1000 users SIP/ IAX2 extensions Support 4 line ISDN PRI through PCI-e connectivity, Gateway Support IP Phone, FXO Gateway, FXS Gateway Intercom features Caller ID Call Transfer Call Conference 100% conversation Recording Predictive/Preview dialing Strong ACD application MIS Reporting For more details:
IP PBX System Upgrade your traditional PBX with ARIA latest IP PBX Aria Parth Office is a cost effective IP PBX system for small to big office communication. Features: Over 50-5000 available SIP/IAX2 extensions Support VOIP & TDM Inbuilt ISDN PRI (OPTIONAL) Connect GSM/ Analog Line Connect with Existing EPABX API to integrate with existing CRM ERP Support ACD, CTI, IVR, Voicemail etc. SMS/API Integration For more information:
USB Voice Logger || Telephone Voice Recording System It is very useful for the organization like BPOs, IT, Health, Banking and many government sectors to ease the customer’s queries through recorded telephonic conversation via Voice Logger. Aria Telecom offers Multi-channels USB based voice loggers. Highlighted USB voice logger: • Support recording of direct phone or extension • Call logging with date and time • WAV & MP3 file format recording convert • Live monitoring • Extension wise report • Unlimited recording time For more information visit link:
Free Predictive Dialer Software || Call Center Software Aria Parth Unified Communication Solution is one of the best predictive dialer software in industry. Parth series has both flavor appliance as well as software. For small requirement up to 100 seats you can go for appliance . For bigger requirement you can buy only software. For software license we have scheme , you can just pay for the annual support & can get annual software license free of cost.
Aria Parth Office 5000 || IP PBX System Parth Office 5000 is a strong Unified communication system for small to large office communication EPABX use. Parth IP PBX system can be used as complaint management, voice message blasting, bill reminder, extension on mobile, audio conferencing etc. Advanced features:--- Up to 5000 SIP users Up to 1000 concurrent calls Support IP Phone, FXO Gateway, FXS Gateway Inbuilt ISN PRI Connect with exisiting EPABX Intercom features Predictive/Preview dialing SMS/Email integration Strong ACD application Call center features MIS Reporting Caller ID Call Transfer Call Conference 100% conversation Recording