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Omni Channel Communication Omni channel strategy – an improved way to consistent and seamless communication among multiple channels. It strengthens the backbone of call center operations with its engaging technology. Omni channels communication offers various features which are as follows:  IVR (Interactive voice response system)  ACD  IP PBX  Call recording and monitoring  Outbound messaging  Workforce management  Performance management For more information visit:
IVR Solution:---> IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution is efficient to handle your automated communication process. An IVR system helps to navigate proper department and provides self-service for client or customer on telephone system. Aria’s innovative IVR service is ideal for inbound and blended processes like customer support and collections. Aria Telecom builds IVR system for better customer relationship. Using IVR solution, you can set up reminder, Survey, polls and more for inbound and outbound usage. Benefits of IVR:-  Automate operations  Reduce wait time  Configure call flow using intuitive IVR designer  Manage voice recording easily  Obtain real time and updated information  Interface with third party database For more information visit:
Jio LTE Gateway in Mumbai Jio LTE Gateway is developed for all type of industries for both massive and minimal operations. It is multi-functional gateway which is able to implement calls between 4G network and VoIP network. It is compatible with LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD//GSM Networks. For more information go through the link: For any inquiry email us:
Cloud Telephony Solution in Delhi Cloud Telephony Solution Provider in Delhi Cloud Telephony System in Delhi Cloud Telephony Service in Delhi Cloud Telephony Service Provider in Delhi Cloud Telephony Service offers easy and faster operation which is necessary for smooth business communication process For more information visit: